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How to work out the turn ratio on a transformer

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    I would like to know how to work out the turn ratio on a transformer from having just the input and output voltages.
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    For an ideal transformer (that is, no losses in the windings or in the core), the turns ratio is just N = Vp/Vs where
    N = turns ratio
    Vp = primary Voltage (rms)
    Vs = secondary Voltage (rms)

    In real transformers, the turns ratio will be slightly higher (typically about 2%) than what is calculated by this formula. One way to improve the accuracy of the calculation is to use a primary Voltage that is only about 10% of the rated Voltage.
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    For example = 244 / 9.88 = 24.6

    So the turn ratio is 24 - 6
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    There are two types of transformers,step-up transformer(sut) and step-down transformer(sdt),the turns ratio for (sut)is bigger than 1 and for (sdt) is less than 1.
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    what? isn't it 246 to 10? or 24.6 to 1?
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    There are quite a few more types of transformers than just step-up and step-down (e.g. autotransformers, buck-boost, isolation).

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    Thank you

    How do you calculate the out put voltage of a transformer when you only know the input voltage
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    its based on the ratio as stated
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    Is there a formula for working this out please
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    The formula is in post #2. But, you can only solve for one unknown when you have only one equation. If you don't know the turns ratio, you must measure the primary and secondary Voltages.
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    thank you
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