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How to write lab report

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    Any idea where can i get some example of good lab report writing? And what other resource and material should i get to improve lab report writing skills?

    And from your experience, what should i take notes when wrinting it and any other comments and tips?

    Thanks ~
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    All my old lab reports are examples of exquisite lab reports!

    In short, decide what sections you need, and then stick to them.

    All are optional, but mine usually contained:
    Literature Survey
    Method (including Apparatus etc)
    Presentation of Results
    Discussion & Analysis

    Then any appendices required to present results, formulae, references etc.

    As for notes, it's a bit too late to take them when you're writing the report! How about some scribble while you're carrying out the lab itself? I used to take photos of the relevant apparatus, procedures, and even blackboard scrawl in order to remind me what to focus on whilst writing it up.
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    This is a good idea, think i am going to do that start from now.

    Do you mind send some of ur report to me to let me have a look?

    By the way, the exeplary section set out by the uni is

    Inroduction and theory
    Result and Data Analysis

    I had hard time in deciding what should i write in each section. Like where should i write the equation, in result or in theory? Is that possible that i follow your way of putting the section instead of the examplary given?

    Thanks ~
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    Umm, seriously, i need some help..... Seems like i got abondon ~
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