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How to write mathematical expressions?

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    Can any one tell me how I can write mathematical expressions here. I read the 'LateX crash course'. See what happens.

    [tex] a^2 + b = sqrt {c}[\tex]

    What am I doing wrong?

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    You've got a space between [tex] and a^2, methinks that's why it isn't being parsed.
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    You're wrong,Nylex.LaTex doesn't mind about spaces.He wrote "a^2 + b = sqrt {c}(\tex)",instead of "a^2 + b =\sqrt{c}(/tex).Which should give:
    [tex] a^2 + b = \sqrt {c}[/tex]


    PS.I used "(" instead of "[" so that the compiler wouldn't give error.Click on the fromula to see the code and compare it with yours.
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    Thank You.

    Got it. I think the error is in the back slash in [/tex]

    [tex] a^2 + b = \sqrt{c}[/tex]

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