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How u delete or format ntfs partition

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    hay everyone can u help me. how u delete or format ntfs partition? i need to get it out or format it if u want to Email me it is codename951@yahoo.com

    thank bye :cry:
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    Right click "My computer" select "manage"
    When the window comes up
    Under "Storage" click "Disk Management" folder
    Select partition you want to format in partiton window
    Right click for menu

    Also you can use a standalone boot disk that came with your drive or you download.
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    hay NoTime thank but i want to format c: but it will not let me i right click it but the format is blank what do i do
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    You cant formate the partition you use to boot with, or the partition that has the system files on it from the system itself.
    You will have to use a 3rd party product, or the Window xp CD.
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    well i think you can install magic partition...it can easily format any partition just a matter of click away..
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    If you boot from the XP cd-rom and go into dos console recovery mode, you should be able to delete all partitions.
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