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How would one measure magnetic vector potential?

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    How would one measure magnetic vector potential? I know there is a formula, but is there an experiment that proves it?
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    Like energy and momentum, verctor potential doesn't really exist, as it cannot be directly measured. It's a term physicists have invented to make the calculations easier.
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    George Jones

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    Your title for this thread is horrible. How could anyone know to what you were referring?!

    Quantum theory predicts that elecrons moving through space where the magetic field is zero, but where the vector potential is non-zero, can be influenced. The effect is called the Aharonov-Bohm effect, and it has been seen experimentally.

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    Sorry about that. Well, I'm glad that you know what I ment. I didn't realize this was a quantum event, or I wouldn't have posted here. Should this topic be moved? Anyway, is there someplace I can look to find out more on mvp?
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    Thank you so much- your comment has led me to the solution to my problem !!!!!!!!!!!!
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