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Human piloted Mobile/Mechanical Robots!

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    I was wondering when do any of you from scientists or regular tv watcher think that we will have Mechanized human piloted robots like they had in the Matrix Revolutions or in the Japanese anime shows such as Gundam. When do you think we would have that technology or capability.
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    Well for starters honestly i dont think you will see them in your life time if your talking gundam or mechwarrior type robots.

    Mainly the first thing that comes to mind is energy consumption versus its acceleration and or range. Simply put, tank treads work alot better at moving you fast then 2 legs.

    Another thing is that if and when we actually did find a purpose for robots of such magnitude the chances are they would not be manned from within but to minimize casualties would be manned from remote locations through virtual reality gear.

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    I can't honestly make a valid prediction, but the Discovery channel did a show on Army Intelligence, and how new methods are going to be adopted into their experiences. For example, they will still have tanks and anti-missle weapons, but the new technological method they are working on is "partial-invisibility", where in broad daylight a relatively large object will camouflage into the surroundings on the environment, so when that becomes ready, I would say that Gundam proto-type mech warriors would probably follow in another 50 years or so after camouflage prototypes are concrete and error-free.
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    You guys are thinking to moderately and aren't looking at all the possibilities.
    Trust me, manned vehicles like the gundam will be a reality within 10 to 15 years. :)
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    1) We still need a better sensory/reaction system in terms of dynamic computing (things like keeping center of gravity, negotiating turns, impact recovery, intuitive human interfaces). I think this may actually be realizable in 15-20 years.

    The biggest obstacle will be:

    2) A better power storage or power-transmission method.

    That could take 100's of years if some brain-exploding theory doesn't kill the first person to accidentally discover with sheer amazement. They'll have to keep it out of the news too, to keep my head from exploding.
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