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Humidity and lenses

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    In my area, humidity is where it's at.

    One of the problems I noticed when grabing my mirror (first time using it) to pack up was the fact that it soaked up enough water that I can't even see myself in it. This explains why it didn't work.

    I DID NOT WIPE THE LENSES. I just put the protectors back on, and that's it.

    What should I do? (Too much dust in house to let dry.)
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    I'm sorry I didn't notice your post before. Put your scope in a dry place with all protective caps off and let it dry out thoroughly. Damp surfaces allow molds to grow, and they can etch coatings on lenses and silvering on mirrors. Don't worry about a little dust on your objective - it has a far less damaging effect on optical performance than you might think. Good luck.
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    YEa...don't try to clean your mirrors by wiping them....i learned the hard way :(.......if u must clean the dust off the sell cleaning kits with presurized spray cans......alittle dust doesn't affect performance anyways like turbo-1 said.
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