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HVDC - Current Source Converter - Minimum DC Power flow

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    I was reading about the differences between Current Source Converters and Voltage source converters.
    One main difference was that Current source converters need to have a minimum DC power flow of 5-10% while VSC do not have a min flow requirement. It was also called a deadband.
    Why is this? Does it have to do with the thyristors? If so, how?



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    No opinions?

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    jim hardy

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    We have no real idea what you're talking about.

    How about pasting in the paragraph that confused you ?
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    Hi Jim,

    This is the article I was reading on the technological differences between different types of DC/AC convertors( LCC vs. VSC ).
    There is a table on page 3 that compares the 2 technologies side by side.
    At Minimium DC Power, it is said that the LCC requires a flow of at least 5-10% of the rated power.
    I am trying to understand why this is the case.
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