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I got a job!

  1. Mar 24, 2017 #1
    Well, the "companies like math majors for their logical thinking" thing turns out not to be just a myth perpetrated by math professors. I was just informed I will be hired here permanently with a much higher salary once my contract ends. (The one I am currently unable to sustain my family on).

    The hiring manager praised my logical abilities and creative thinking - things which have definitely were sharpened to a fine point when I went back to school. She said I was a great find - that she could see me doing just about anything in the company. I kind of feel like that... If I can get a Master's in math (through hard work - not brains) then I can probably figure out how to do anything there!

    Man, it has been crazy. Wife lost job due to complicated pregnancy while I was still finishing up grad school. We have been so broke. Like "can we keep our house and feed a baby" broke.

    I still need to pass the qual - May 13th will be my first attempt. I get up at 4:00a every day and study for two hours before going to work, coming home, spending time with family, going to bed, and repeating. Slowly but surely making progress.

    -Dave K
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    Congrats Dave! Well deserved!!
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    totally awesome, buddy, best wishes :)
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    I get up at 4:00a every day and study for two hours
    Y-y-y-ou what?

    Lots of congratulations to you, I am sure you deserve that and more! May your trials go well and may you and your family live well!
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    Very glad to hear it, Dave. Hang in there and good luck!
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    Awesome. Now you don't have to sell your books.
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    Outstanding, Dave. Congratulations.
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    This ... "work" ... you speak of...
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    Damn !! ... :thumbup:
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    Congratulations Dave! :partytime::thumbup:That is great news! Wish you and your family all the best!!
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    @dkotschessaa Congratulations! So happy for you. You've definitely earned it! :smile:
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    Congrats, Dave! All that hard work actually paid off!
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    Thanks all! Now...back to work
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    Well done. You can be proud of yourself. :wink:
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    Nice going! Congratulations. :partytime:
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    What the heck!? Sounds like ex-SEALs or something.

    Anyway, CONGRATS!
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    Having a baby sort of changed everything...
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    Congratulations! What kind of job did you get?
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