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I hate socks

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    They irritate my feet and legs, the first thing i do when i get home is to take the off, i think toe rags were first worn to stop boots scuffing feet, that's where the derogative form (you are just a toe rag came from), may be it is just us westerners wear socks.
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    Hmmmmm. Noooooo! I'm a big fan of socks.

    Maybe you just need to find socks made of softer material, Wolram.
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    Besides cushioning the feet and helping to prevent blisters, socks also keep the feet warm in colder climates.

    One of my favorite pastimes is going for long hikes of up to 70 miles in the Olympic and Cascade mountains of Western Washington. Mostly I do these hikes in the summer, so cold feet isn't a concern, but preventing my feet from bruising and minimizing blisters is essential to being able to cover up to 20 miles in a day, while carrying a 50-lb backpack. I usually carry at least four pairs of wool socks, and wear two pairs at a time. I hang wet socks outside my pack to help them dry.

    There are different grades of wool -- some are pretty coarse and seem scratchy to some. Other grades are a lot softer. There are also different kinds of socks made from synthetic yarns, that aren't scratchy at all.
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    I totally agree with wollie.
    Besides, they sh*t between my toes!! :mad:
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    My socks were a gift from Mohammad Ali.
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    You're not wearing them right.
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    socks slow the accumulation of organic matter in the shoes, giving fungi less to feed on, and keeping the shoes from getting so smelly.
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    It's difficult to wash the insides of shoes, so socks give something to take off and wash instead.
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    All Pro Maxspun Cotton. I swear by them. Good reviews, too.
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    Maybe you're wearing your socks on the wrong feet. :tongue2: :biggrin:

    I love wearing white cotton socks. I only take them off when I take a shower. They help keep my feet warm in the winter and they retain just enough moisture to keep my feet from drying out (the latter an issue for us ancients).
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    Go barefoot - au naturel.
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    Ivan Seeking

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    Reminds me of a recent link
    [PLAIN]http://www.environmentalgraffiti.com/sites/default/files/images/http-inlinethumb36.webshots.com-45859-2909738550104237032S600x600Q85.preview.jpg [Broken]
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    This is from the book "Einstein: The Life and Times." by Ronald W. Clark

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    Looks good except that for $10 a pair I'd expect two socks of the same color. You have to buy two pair just to get a match! Lousy marketing department dirtbags, they never miss an opportunity to stick it to the consumer. :mad:
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    I like socks to protect my shoes from sweat. Shoes are expensive and socks are cheap and washable.
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