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I have physical problem

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    iam a new user here iam a student in engineering faculty there is something i dont understand in thermo dynamics pysics in my book it is written that the real increase in volume of liquid= the aparent increase in volume of liquid+ the increase in volume of the container
    my opinion is that the real increase in volume of liquid = the aparent increase - the increase in the volume of the container the problem is driving me crazy ca any one help me and explain to me
    and there is another point i need to know the definistion of the universal gas constant R any one interesed to help me
    thx alot
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    Doc Al

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    To understand the book's statement, study this exaggerated case: Say the container volume doubles, but the apparent volume of the liquid does not change. What must be the real increase of the liquid volume?

    If that doesn't click, look at it backwards. Say that both the liquid and the container volumes doubled. What would the apparent volume increase of the liquid be?
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