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I need some recommandations for literature about periodic functions

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    Hello, I know I am asking for advice about a very specific topic - periodic functions, almost periodic functions and quasi-periodic functions. I was hit by an idea and I need to know a few things more comprehensively about this topic !?~ :]

    I am aware that "periodic functions etc." isn't a course popularly taught (if at all?) so there may be a shortage of actual textbooks about it, but I should be complexly grateful if anyone could point me towards a way to acquire this knowledge in a relatively connected form. Maybe there are some monographs written on these subjects? Or is searching for bits and pieces here and there my only option of building a fairly exhaustive knowledge about these?

    Any input is very much appreciated; and I hope my topic is not too far off from being well-formed.
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    What exactly do you need to know about periodic functions?

    A study of Fourier series might be of use to you. While I can't give specific suggestions, you shouldn't have a difficult time finding a book on Fourier series/transforms which also includes a portion on periodic functions in general. Depending on what your idea is, you might even find Fourier series themselves to be quite useful. (breaking apart signals into a sum of cosines with different frequencies).

    I have a feeling you'll find that most of the information on periodic functions (beyond the basics you learn in high-school of course) will be little snippets that are specific to some particular topic rather than general information about periodic functions.
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    well, everything. sufficient knowledge so that I may say I know "periodic functions theory"... but,

    I was somewhat afraid of that... it seems I'll have to dig through the library for what I need. Thank you for your input. :]

    I already covered Fourier series last year. I was wondering if there is a theoretical framework that is more abstract and general. Perhaps something like how function spaces are studied in analysis... ahh, I have no idea how to put this... thanks again. :)
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