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Homework Help: I need to ask questions about Space exploration.

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    I need to ask 10 opinionated questions about space exploration. I have 9, but I need ideas for the final one. My first 9 are as follows:

    1. Do you think space exploration is worth the cost?

    2. If you could, would you go into space as an official NASA astronaut?

    3. If you could afford it, would you go into space as a tourist?

    4. Do you think that mankind will ever build a permanent colony on the Moon or on Mars?

    5. Would you like to live on one of those colonies, if they existed?

    6. Do you believe that intelligent life exists beyond our planet?

    7. Is NASA’s budget fine as it is, or should it be raised/lowered?

    8. Do you think the Hubble Space Telescope should be repaired, despite the high cost and risk to astronauts?

    9. Is the International Space Shuttle a worthy investment?

    Thanks for your help.
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    How about a question about how much politics play into the decisions over which types of developments get funded?

    Also, note, if you're looking for any particular results via some sort of survey, you can get the exact (or very close to) results you want simply by changing how you phrase your questions. i.e. #7 could be worded these two ways:

    A. NASA has had to make tough decisions about which programs to cut. Programs which would help us find near earth asteroids (asteroids with a chance of impacting the earth) have been cut, as well as a program to determine with certainty whether global warming exists or not. These programs would gain knowledge that is important for the future of mankind. Do you think that NASA's budget should be increased so that these programs don't have to be cut?


    B. Astronaut Sunita Williams, aboard the international space station is training to run the Boston Marathon while aboard the space station (she doesn't have much else to do, and plans on runnnig the marathon while aboard the space station.) Earlier this year, another astronaut on the space station hit a golf ball into orbit in order to promote a golf equipment company. Meanwhile, the space station costs are way above earlier estimates. Do you feel that NASA needs as large a budget as it receives if these are the types of "science" programs they're conducting?
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