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I need to know the physics of skydiving

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    hi, i am doing a class project and i need to know the physics of skydiving, including momentum impulse and collisions, can someone help me out??!?!?!

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    Well, to start off, those are not the main points in skydiving. You should focus more on air resistance as it is the position of the skydiver and the surface area of the parachute that causes the results of skydiving.

    The skydiver is normally in a spread-eagle position, which is belly down with the arms out. This increases the surface area of the diver, and lowers the terminal velocity (basically the max speed). Once the parachute is deployed, the the high surface area causes the terminal velocity to lower down to a safe value for the diver to reach the ground.

    Momentum and impact are hardly important.
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    Unless you get it wrong :biggrin:
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    Sure, love to help out. Please tell us what you've got so far, and we can take the conversation from their.
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    Impulse In Skydiving Help Me Out Baybay
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