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I really need this! I would love any help.

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    I'm working on an assignment right now, and completed it.

    It won't give me extra marks, but I want it for personal reasons.

    I have built a program that constructs a sequence, which is a pain the a$$ to do. Really hard since I just started programming, but it sure saves a lot of time.

    What I need to know is how to I save what is in the textbox?

    This is Visual Basics .NET 2003

    I need to know the code/script for saving a textbox onto a notepad file.

    Thanks a lot.

    Note: I want it because I can simply save the sequence, and continue to construct it as far as I can to see how true my conjecture is.

    Note: I know this is not the right forum, but I need this quick. The truth is that is I constructed two sequences, one belongs to me and the other to the prof. I figured if I can get it to save, I'm doing the prof a favor because he's interested on how the sequence goes.
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    Jason, I'm moving it to technology, but leaving the link here, so it will be accessible in both forums.
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    Thank you very much. I appreciate it. :)
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