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Homework Help: I.S.U Topic help

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    Here is the problem i am presented with. It is a research paper, and all i need is a topic to write it on. So any Suggestions would help.

    Other than Maglex trains, particle accelerators, amd mass spectometers. Write a report on another technology involving electromagnitism?
    so what other technologies exists?

    Suggestions please
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    I think they number in the "zillions". I recently saw a problem about how ink gets deposited in an inkjet printer. I don't know if the problem was accurate, but that, or laser printers, or both could be interesting. Older style TVs and computer monitors (before they all disappear) use CRT tubes to create images.
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    I need like something along the lines of those huge magnets that are used to pick up cars at the junk yard. or Generators or something of that sorts. im actually having a difficult time finding something with substantial information..
    please anyone else have any other suggestions??
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    Do some research on cyclotrons or synchotrons
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