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I want to be a physicist.

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    If i currently study in Secondary School and will soon graduate to PreUniversity level, which way should i choose?
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    What do you mean by 'way'?
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    Sorry. I mean should i go for A-levels which is orientated to oversea university ??
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    You really should put more effort into your posts if you want others to put forth some effort into helping you out. Anyways, you should edit your original post and put in more detail. Its extremely vague, people need to know more about you in order to help you out.

    Just my 2c.
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    If you wish to study at an overseas university that requires A-Levels, then by all means take the A-Levels.

    As already stated, try posting a little more information when asking a question of this nature, otherwise we cannot provide you with any decent advice.
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    Very sorry about that. all right now i have completed my secondary school final examination(in Malaysia we call it SPM) and now is waiting or the result. my friend and i are so interested in the theory of physics plus math like calculus.. So im worried where should i gt my bachelor of science physics. should it be local university(malaysia) of oversea university ?
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    You do realize that choosing a university depends on a lot of factors, right? For example, one of the most important issues is the cost of your study. Would you parents be willing to support you financially, if you cannot get any scholarship? [What are the scholarship available in the first place?] If your parents don't mind to support you, then how much can they afford each year?

    Then there's the issue of whether you want to experience life in other countries, gain more different perspective of life, so to speak; education is not just about getting a degree. If so what kind of environment would you prefer to be living in for the next 3 to 4 years? These are just a few of the many issues you should seriously think about.

    When you say "should it be local university or oversea", what criteria are you taking into considerations? Perhaps you should further explain your concerns?

    By the way, I took STPM instead of A-level, and then I went to National University of Singapore to get my math degree.
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    It might cost a lot to study overseas.
    One good possible choice is the NUS in Singapore, the tuition fees are high, but if I recall, there was a kind of a loan system by S'porean goverment offering complete educational loans for foreign students, and the payback is to work 3 years in S'pore after graduation.

    Of course, the most affordable solution is to study in one of the public M'sian universities (UM, UKM,USM ..........).
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