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I want to design Missiles for the Navy -- what should I study?

  1. Feb 17, 2015 #1
    i would like to design and build missiles for the navy which upper school subjects should i take and then which uni corses should i follow them up with
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    Complex systems like missiles are designed and built by very large teams (100s or even 1000s) of people with many different backgrounds and skills. So you need to ask yourself what you are interested in? Electrical engineering? computer science? Mechanical engineering? Aeronautics? Control system? etc

    My point is that you could probably study just about ANY engineering subject (except perhaps civil engineering) and still end up working on missile design.
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    To add to what toli said, what part of the missiles do you want to design.
    what interests you about them?
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    If you just want to "build missiles", don't do anything. You don't go into giant fields with the purpose of designing one specific device(Not to mention already highly-perfected killing machines!). You should go into engineering because you like engineering, not missiles.

    Go drink some ayahuasca or meditate or something...
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    Vanadium 50

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    Are you saying that if you were offered a job building missiles for the Air Force you would turn it down? This seems awfully specialized.
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    I did not know there were rules about what is an acceptable reason for wanting to do something. My life is a lie.
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    Well, at least now you know. #silverlining
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    Dont work for the NAVY. Throw those dreams out the window. The people that do all the cool design work are contracted to universities or have advanced degrees and work on special projects teams. Otherwise, youll be in charge of something really simple like the color of the nose cone...

    Software engineering may have a lot of opportunities, but if you want to design some new missile from a hardware standpoint the only project I know going on is within hypersonics.
  10. Feb 22, 2015 #9
    You might study mechanical or aerospace engineering and work for a company that the Navy contracts to do missile design, this is a better bet than working for the Navy itself ironically as HuskyNamedNala mentioned.
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