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I want to do math and physics but my math skills are poor

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    I want to become an inventor and an innovator changing the world basically. However my skills in mathematics are a little poor, However I really do love math like I'm obsessed with it. My problem is where I am right now I'm taking grade 12 university prep courses and math and physics are kicking my butt. I want to aspire to become amazing in these subjects but I think are this year I might take a few years off and start from level one and go over everything I've learned over my life and master my skills to prepare me for university and possibly even do university level mathematics and science before I go to university and apply as an adult student.

    I just want to hear others thoughts on this ? should I continue to university cause I don't want to waste money an I want to be ready for it all and conquer it when prepared, of course I know things get insanely difficult once I'm there but I've always taken the long way to get to where I want to be so can I hear thoughts opinions, personal stories etc?
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    Welcome in the physics forums. I would recommend you to start by doing researches about things you find interesting about science in the internet. Try to improve by giving effort reading articles. You can find answers to the questions that pop into your mind in the whole internet.
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    Welcome inspiring nerd, unfortunately you posted in the wrong forum. No questions or discussions are allowed in this section, this is Introductions Only. I am moving this to general discussion since your questions are so broad.

    If you have specific questions about school, we have an Academic Guidance forum located here https://www.physicsforums.com/forums/academic-guidance.139/
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    Oh gosh sorry guys
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    Welcome to the PF

    What country are you in? Do you have a community college near you? That is a great way to start your advanced education after you graduate high school. Community colleges are relatively inexpensive, and provide you a good education for the first two years of your 4-year university education. :smile:
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    Give yourself some time. Math that's hard now may be easier latter.

    Also it helps to have a good teacher, even if it's only a good textbook.

    I was a poor math student in high school. I joined the Air Force, and by the time I got out my ability improved. I got a good calculus book and taught myself. I skipped Calc I and aced II and III. I'm weak still in some math, but I ground through Diff. Eq. and Linear Algebra getting good grades more by hard work than by understanding.

    As an American I would skip college until you feel prepared. The student loans are scary to someone who's had to work for a living. Once you have a heavy debt load you are bound to be a wage slave.

    Try to get a technical, blue collar skill useful to what you love (machinist, plumber, electrician, etc.). Then when you are ready for college you will have a leg up both financially and practically.
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