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IB Extended Essay: Physics

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    This topic is not the first of its kind and for that I apologise. I am currently doing the first year of my IB program and I am in the progress of chosing my subject for the Extended Essay. I read few threads on this topic which were here earlier and apparently physics is not the easiest way how to get a good grade for the EE.
    That is why I am asking if EE in physics is going to help me get accepted into a physics course in university or if it is completely irrelevant.
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    I'd say no, it doesn't help you get accepted, until you make use of the opportunity. Maybe you learned something, couldn't solve a problem - write it on your application essay; maybe it gave you the idea to continue and branch off your research from there. Or maybe it gives your evaluators (teachers) a good opportunity to know about you.

    I had a compulsory research paper to write too, and I was really interested in my topic though it was insanely hard and technical, and halfway I wrote more than enough so I published it. Then I realized I made the mistake of publishing it under an alias and it would run up in the plagiarism check, so I embarrassingly asked my teacher if it would cause a problem, and he helped me write an explanation to the exams board. Somehow, I think that might have improved his opinion of me and he helped me a lot with my university application and gave a good recommendation, supposedly.

    Research also had a huge change in my mindset. I used to think I wouldn't mind being an engineer, until I attacked fluid dynamics, where there was a thin boundary between physics and engineering. It was a great experience.

    So my advice is, go do that EE in Physics if it interests you. It will help you in intangible ways. Hope this helps.

    (I'm entering college next year.)

    Edit: Oh I ran off without saying a very important thing. It's VERY taxing to do an extended essay on something you don't like! I've seen some of my friends' ones in topics that were easier but also not what they were interested in. As a result, they looked very slipshod and bad. I wouldn't put the fault on them - I find it really boring to write an essay on something I don't like either.
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