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Idea! find black holes using grav. lensing

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    Ok I have this idea and i need you all to bash it so i can see what's wrong with it. Ok imagine a very very large black hole at distances like 10 billion light years, imagine that there could be black holes larger than we can fathom and imagine how many stars would lie behind such an anomaly, so all of these stars's light would be lensed around the black hole, now when that light comes to our eyes we would picture the light to ie.. left or right of the black hole eventhough it lies distinctly behind the black hole, and whether the starts lie more to the middle or not would change the light imaginary image to us ie.. the more directly behind the star the more to the opposite side of the star would the imaginary image be, so if you can see this picture that im painting imaghine millions and millions of these star being lensed and all this light being superimposed upon one big area, the more stars the larger area they would be superimposed upon, so what you get IN OUR EYES is a HUGE star in the sky, a very bright light, with telescopes we see it and say wow that's huge like size of beeteljuice maybe, but i think that may not be a star at all, just the superimpositon of millions of stars that have all been lensed by a stellar black hole, so what im saying is the mega stars in the sky very far away could actually be a guiding map to black holes, and mathematically i've played with the equations a lil you can actually dicern the size of the black hole via, light and lensing effects.

    bash away, cause i know it's coming, just a silly idea i know but it's had my mind going into a frenzy lately, but i'll humbly accept any critism you have

    another things, anyone very well gifted in the study of time know of good threads or wanna share some interesting ideas of time?
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    no idea? sorry to bug all of you.
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    No bug, imagination is a wonderful thing so long as it is educated with some knowledge. In this case the problem will be to obtain a lensed image that is a crisp star-like point of light, normally they are smeared out arcs or whatever.

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    People are already looking for and have found massive objects using gravitational lensing. You can see some pretty neat pictures of gravitational lensing effects on line (Google for Einstein Cross, for example).


    For an example of people finding black holes using gravitational lensing.
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    thanx nate i've never looked or read about that just seemed logical that lensing effects of large stars could also be used with black holes, anymore information anyone has on the subject would be useful such as the math behind it, such as how much lensing maybe can show us the size of the black hole and so on, like i have a question, i would imagine not all black holes would lense the same is it the size that makes it worse or what, does a lil black hole do the same as a stellar black hole since they are both supposed infinite gravity singularities.
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