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Ideas for programs to make.

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    I'm trying to learn a bit more programming but I'm no good at following books or tutorials as I have learnt everything so far by just trying something and if it doesn't work, google for it then move on to the next bug.

    Problem is I've ran out of ideas for small things to make so I'm thinking on making something a bit bigger that will take be maybe a week or more to work on, trouble is I've got no idea what to make.

    Anyone care to suggest some things I could look at making?
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    There's a good list of project ideas courtesy of Martyr2 over at DreamInCode.

    And might I also direct you to Project Euler, over 400 numbery problems for you to sink your teeth into - none of them require particularly large programs, but many of them will push you to find an efficient algorithm.

    Have fun out there!
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    How about a compiler, or a small operating system? That will probably take more than a week to finish, but I learned more about programming in my compiler and OS classes than I did in any data structures or programming class.
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    I have tried some of the project euler problems but I can't get the maths in them sometimes.

    I might try to make a compiler for the really simple basic-like language that our computing textbook uses. Any good links to start with? Also do you need to use c / c++ for a compiler or would java / python work?
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    Actually I just had a bit of an idea but I'm not sure how feasible it would be?

    I'm thinking something like a virtual stock exchange with a couple of companies (but make it expandable) and use random functions and stuff to control their prices and program events to occur at certain rates like a recession like drop in price every 10 game years.

    Then with a bit of work I could make a bit of a game out of it if I was able to make it realistic enough.
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    Sounds like fun. :)

    Spend some time working out the design, keep it simple and modular, and you can add things on once you have a core program working. It's definitely feasible.
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    My suggestion is to make something that would be useful for you in your everyday life. What annoys you? Try to automate it. For example, write a program that manipulates files and backs up your most important personal data for you to an outside media. Maybe zip the files (and password lock them?) on the way to storage. You'll learn a ton.
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