Ideas for simple programs to write in Python please

  1. I currently have little experience in programming and would like to improve my skills. The most complex program I've made so far has been a definite integral calculator that uses either right handed or left handed riemann sums to approximate the definite integral (although it fails to be accurate where functions tend off to infinite). I was wondering if anyone had any good ideas for some programs that are around my skill level. Thanks!
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  3. I will just list two very important skills to have for any sort of scientific use of python:

    Write a program that can read in data from a file and do some operation with it, and print it out to a file. (very useful skill!)

    Get matplotlib and make pretty graphs with Python
  4. you could look up the "huffman tree algorithm" and write a file compressor program for relatively small programs. I did this as an assignment for one of my classes with python, it was fun.
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  6. I put that in my address bar and nothing came up. What is it?
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    He means
  8. projecteuler can be fun, but this is awesome: ! ( the project euler link reminded me of this site, it gets progressively harder )
    there's a harder version out there somewhere, that is less dependent on using python specifically ( for example, one exercise in requires you to know about the Ord() function in python ), but I don't remember the name :(
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