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  1. Looking to brainstorm a little. Looking for some EE's or anything related to share thoughts. Trying to come up with some ideas to incorporate into a wireless buggy(go cart). Will have a wireless connection between steering wheel and pedals, front/rear wheels. Will probably install sensors later but that is a future plan. Looking now to do something with communication and ethernet protocol to eventually set up a phone, destination, etc. My question for some guys is what would be some good ideas to possibly incorporate into this thing besides what I mentioned? Any ideas would be welcomed as to what could be implemented on this, can be creative but not to difficult right now.
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  3. What advantage do you see in this idea? Other than as a design exercise, I don't see the point. Wireless is a solution for applications that don't lend themselves easily to wired connections, or to facilitate ease of use.
    Wireless is too easily subject to interference and/or loss of signal for anything so critical as steering and braking.
  4. It is a group design project in the 'brainstorming'/design stages right we are going to go ahead with it. I was just wondering for additional ideas either related to the wireless network that will be associated with it dealing with bluetooth/laptop possibly or other ideas people had. Also, other ideas that could be implemented that are unrelated to that and deals with other parts of this buggy.
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    I agree with pantaz that wireless is a poor fit for these tasks. At the very least, you would need lots of error correction built into your communication channel, and the systems would have to have a Fail Safe mode to default to when comms is compromized.

    There's a reason that critical vehicle systems use wired (or at least fiber optic) communication. I'd recommend changing to a FO system design -- at least with that, you can argue that it is more immune to EM noise from the go cart drive system...
  6. this not be used to go 'off-roading'. This is more of a 'show and tell' type of work. The most it will probably do is drive circles in a parking lot. We chose this project as it was asked to be done. So, with that said, is there any ideas or input one might incorporate into this if they were doing it? Like in my op.
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    I think you'll get extra credit if you explain to the instructor why wireless is such a bad idea for critical vehicle systems, and propose that you do it with FO instead. You still need to work out a communication scheme, Fail Safe operation parameters, CRC checks at least and maybe some error correction on the comms.

    Honestly, in engineering, you sometimes have to use some intuition to see when an idea is a bad one.

    Hey, just point out that there are no wires in FO, only plastic. So it's "wireless" sort of.... :smile:
  8. Ok, well can you tell me a little more about the FO way, or at least some links so I will be able read more about this process.
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    Sure. Some good search terms to start with are "fly by light" and "drive by light".
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