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Identifying this unknown component

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    I opened my old VCR and on one of the circuits was a component which I couldnt recognize. Im usually quite good at identifying circuit components, by the abbreviations or their symbol. But this one just left me dumb founded. Its letter on the board was FL, I checked on various datasheets about it but couldnt get to know what it is. My speculation is that it is a signal filter package. Like usually electronic filter circuits are composed of inductors and capacitors. This piece even has circular bulges in it which look like there is a inductor coil or something in it. Anyways im still not sure and breaking it up to check wont be an option as I like collecting electric components of circuits, and I only have two of these :P. here is the picture of it:
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    Yup, agree with AZ

    Hybrid IC's Quite common in older gear, not so often seen these days

    usually they used a ceramic substrate with circuit tracks, on which were mount resistors, Capacitors, transistors etc

    it was a way to overcome component mounting problems when component density was an issue
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    Thanks guys! quite a find I guess.
    davenn yes, the circuit was quite crowded, there were boards on top of boards. That VCR was from the 1980s, I had another VCR from 2000 which had a smaller, less crowded circuit board. Awesome to see how much development happened in such less years.
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    I recall thinking hybrid stuff was old school back in the early 90s. Funny how age does that to you. Technology now that is as old as hybrid stuff was in the early 90s does not seem that old to me.
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