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If you're looking for a scientist on Valentine's day

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    ...here is all you need to know!
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    I take exception to the comment "Scientists . . . , but are also rarely associated with a fondness for romance and passion (or any other emotional state) so are likely to be apathetic towards Valentine's Day." Scientists are usually passionate about science and their work.


    I was going to mention high heels, a slide rule, calculator, and lab coat, but that probably belongs in the thread on evolution and high heels. :biggrin:
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    It's Valentine's day? Oh good!

    Kiss me. I'm a physicist!

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    "You may want to find your ideal romantic partner, but this is statistically unlikely to happen, so you should embrace regression to the mean. And I can be mean".

    While this is true, a better strategy is to decide how long you want to look for a romantic partner, dismiss all partners you meet during the first 36.79% of that time, and then keep first partner that is better than the best partner you met during the first 36.79% of your search. This will give you a 36.79% chance of winding up with your ideal romantic partner and is the best probability you can achieve.

    Which also means you have at least a 63.21% chance of winding up with something less than your ideal romantic partner - which means a divorce rate of around 50% really isn't that bad.

    And if you're wondering where the 36.79% came from, .3679 equals 1/e. And since this strategy involves e, you know it has to be the best!
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    With pleasure. :)

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    Mutually inclusive!
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