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I'm not sure what circuit board to get?

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    I'm planning on making a magnetic levitron, but I'm very new at all of this, so I have no idea what type of circuit board I should get and where I should get it. I know how to solder already, so that's not an issue. This is the website that has instructions on making the levitron, with a circuit scheme on page 2- http://sklep.avt.pl/photo/_pdf/AVT2741-2.pdf
    Could anyone recommend a website from which I can order a board, and if I need to get something specific? Thanks :)
    Should I use a breadboard circuit or a PCB? Or stripboard?
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    I really need an answer on this, I have no idea what board to get.
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    The circuit doesn't look too sensitive, so I'd probably go with a white plug-in breadboard. For components that have leads that are too large for the plug-in holes, you can solder short 24AWG solid wires to their leads to accomodate the plug-board.

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