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I'm probably posting in the wrong area, but where can i find the

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    I'm probably posting in the wrong area, but where can i find the Modulus for different type of steel? Is there any sites that list this???
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    Here are some typical values that i took directly off my Engineering Materials Textbook, but i don't know if this is what your looking for?
    You looking for elasticity? shear? resilience? rupture?

    Modulus of Elasticity (GPa):

    Aluminum 69
    Brass 97
    Copper 110
    Magnesium 45
    Nickel 207
    Steel 207
    Titanium 107
    Tungsten 407

    Shear Modulus (GPa): (same order, top -> first, bottom -> last)
    25, 37, 46, 17, 76, 83, 45, 160
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    www.matweb.com is an online listing of materials resources.

    The only downside is you can't really tell what the specific differences are between the materials. For example: I used the site to find an aluminum alloy for use in a group project. My fear is that there are properties about the alloy which aren't listed which will make it an unideal choice.

    Professor: "Those are nice calculations you've spent the last 4 weeks working on. Unfortunately, the alloy you picked breaks down readily in the presence of monatomic oxygen, and is therefore an extremely poor choice for the skin of a spacecraft."

    enigma: "DOH!"
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