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I'm thinking about becoming a racist

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    I'm sitting in my suite in the Courtyard by Marriott right now thinking about blowing up a gas station. I worked for three hours on Friday, drove for 12 hours to San Jose got 5 hours sleep and then went to work today. My job is surveying and I have to do a survey of about 30 gas stations for a finance company. I went to the first gas station and started working. After working a few hours the guy in the gas station came out and kicked me off his property. Saying he wanted to see a letter from the finance company. While I am waiting for the letter I went to the next station on my list and wasn't even allowed on the property. The guy from the first station called his brother at the second one. Surveying is non-destructive by nature and there is no reason not to let me do my job, but this damn Arab won't let me do it, simply because he wants to be a jerk. Why can't he be more like Apu?
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    Yeah, I'm sure it's because he's arab... you racist assh0le.
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    And you think replacing an 'o' with a '0' will let you fly under the ubermentors' radar-screens...you stupid @ $ $ # 0 ! e :biggrin:
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