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I'm thinking of taking Physics as a major but could it limit me?

  1. Nov 13, 2012 #1
    Hello there,

    As the tittle goes: I'm thinking of taking Physics as a major but could it limit me?

    I've done some googling but everybody seems to contradict themselves.

    I'm finding hard time deciding on a program, and I don't have much time left until the deadlines. I'm pretty sure that I want to study physics but I am a little undecided in my future career. So I may change my major after while in university.

    I would like pursue graduate studies once completion of my bachelors degree since I enjoy learning and understanding how things work.

    I didn't attend grade 11 in Canada. I lived in England and was studying for my A levels.
    I have no grades from last year since I left before any exams but upon completion of secondary school my top 8 GCSEs were 3 A* and 5 A's.

    For my mid-term for grade 12 in Canada I got;
    English ENG4U - 85%
    Biology SBI4U - 91%
    Advance Functions MHF4U - 82% (I failed my 1st exam but I'm aiming in the 90's for my final)

    So the questions

    I'm thinking that I may want to take a masters in engineering or go to medical school or study dentistry. Will physics be sufficient to apply for any of these graduate programs or will it limit me?

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    Simon Bridge

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    Every decision you make will limit you in some way.
    Med schools and engineering colleges usually have specific requirements for grad school ... they typically expect graduates with medical or engineering degrees respectively though there are often exceptions. You need to ask them and not us.
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