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Importance of CC grades for grad school/internships

  1. Jan 31, 2007 #1
    I'm currently in my last semester in a community college. I'm aware that my grades this last semester won't affect my transfer admissions. But what I want to know is
    Will my community college grades will affect my chances at getting an internship in the future?
    Will they carry on to the GPA at my school or will my university GPA only be affected by my grades after I transfer?
    Will they affect my Grad school admissions?
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    You should ask the university that you are transferring to, about their policy on transfer grades and GPAs.

    Where I teach, grades in courses taken at other institutions are not included in "our" GPA, even though we do credit those courses towards our graduation and major requirements, subject to various rules.

    People who are evaluating you for internships, grad school or whatever may of course choose to include your CC grades in their evaluation process.
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    proton if you know your stuff it shouldn't affect your chances of getting an internship. If perhaps the CC courses taught you nothing than your chances of getting an internship compared to a person a university are in the other persons favor.
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    i think your gpa at your university is a lot more important. i'm confident that if you get a 3.0 at CC then step it up and get a 3.8 or higher at the university level, that grad schools will either a) only look at your university gpa or b) look at both and realise you didn't do too hot in CC (which is far less important) and stepped it up for the university level. either way, just do good at the university you're attending
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    Well my situation is that I currently have a 3.94 gpa. Will it matter too much if I end this last semester with, say, a B in General Chem II and a B in US history?
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    Tom Mattson

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    I did a year at a community college and transferred the credits over to my univerisity. No one has ever asked me for the community college transcripts. They just see that I passed the courses on my university transcript. So do ask about it.

    Although, I must say that I am firmly of the opinion that you should always do your best, no matter what. o:)
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    A 3.94 and you are asking about a B? Come on dude!! <333

    You are a brilliant guy, you can compute the GPA with two B's and then tell us what it comes out to. <333
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