Impossible electric fields examples?

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    I was trying to think of more impossible electric fields than my book has. I understand it is anything that breaks the rule that the path integral is zero. One example is a circular field. I was trying to picture some more complicated 3d examples.

    Are all magnetic fields an impossible electric field? I just mean visually, in appearance.
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    You can have any kind of electric field so long as they obey the boundary relations.
    "Path integral" (The correct term is line integral, a path integral is something we use in quantum mechanics) being zero around a loop is only true for an electric field generated by stationary charges, in general accelerating charges will generate non conservative electric fields.
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    Thanks, and yes I was trying to say something like "closed path line integral" I think.

    So, I could use a computer simulation that generates magnetic fields and moving charges to "see" some impossible electric fields?

    Such as the 3d magnetostatics one here: ?
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