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Homework Help: Incline acceleration force

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    I am in a car and accelerating on the horizontal at a rate of say 1mss I wound be subjected to 0.1g acceleration on my back, correct?

    However if I accelerate in the same car at the same 1mss up and incline of 45 degrees what would be the g force on my back please? And how do I calculate it , is it the sine of the angle of incline of gravity + my the 1mss driving acceleration.

    Many thanks IMK
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    Assuming g = 10 m.s-2, yes.
    You would draw yourself a free body diagram and examine the forces acting, resolving them parallel to the slope. And yes, you would find that the force exerted at your back would be the sum of your [combined] weight, resolved parallel to the incline and the force due to the 0.1g acceleration. Note it is always best in this case to work with forces first and then resolve into an acceleration.
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