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Induced secondary coil flux field?

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    Using a PMs' field and inducing a primary coil which is coupled with an independent coil of equal configuration to the primary. Would this secondary flux field be opposite and of equal EMForce? If so, Equal to the PMs' strength or the primarys' EMForce?

    Thanks Robin07
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    Took me a bit to figure out that PM is permanent magnet. Got it now. No, waving a magnet in front of a coil that is connected to another separate coil will not generate a field that is equal to the permanent magnet's field. The changing flux in the first coil will generate a voltage in that coil, which generates a current in the winding wire, which flows through the second coil, which generates the secondary flux. The two coil fluxes are equal, since the currents are equal (assuming equal turns), but that's not equal to the full power of the magnet.
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    Sorry about the PM thing. Perhaps I should clarify a little. The PM is a cylindercal/ring Halback array going at 3400rpm - 6400rpm as well as crossing the primary coils' path where the coil is at its greatest diameter(voltage unknown at this time) bisecting it at a right angle. The secondary coil is not connected to the primary, it is independent but is located within the flux field of the primary. The secondary coil should realize a current...Yes? And yes, lets agree that the coils are of equal build.
    Does the strength in the PM array play a role in the strength of the induced primary coils' magnetic field. And does the amount of changing flux that is going through the wire strengthen and weaken the primary coil flux field?

    Thanks Robin07
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    If we connect an electrical active load to secondary winding, the mechanical primary part (as you have named "PM") fronts the resistance momentum. If not, it just be supplied the power loss of system.

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