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Induction Heater - HalfBridge Series Resonance Circuit

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    Hi All,

    I am glad to have found this site as it offers a great range of information. I have looked through similar threads before posting this and didn’t find anything that answered my questions.

    I am to build an induction heater(cooker type) using a half bridge series resonance circuit as a college project and I am at the early research stage. I have been looking through a lot of books to date and there is just so much information to take in.

    What I would like is people’s opinions so as to give me some direction to explore.

    What I would like to do is to design a simulation model in PSPICE first.

    Model wise I am looking at a half-bridge series resonance circuit connected to a transformer and the secondary as the ferromagnetic plate? And this is what I am a little unsure of at the moment. My thoughts are that the main circuit + tinsel wire disc will act as the primary RL and the secondary will be the ferromagnetic plate. What is the best approach in defining values for the secondary? It will depend on the material permeability, conductivity, thickness and dimensions.

    Any thoughts/suggestions would be gratefully appreciated.

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    How about uploading circuit drawing of this description?
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