What is induction heater: Definition and 19 Discussions

An induction heater is a key piece of equipment used in all forms of induction heating. Typically an induction heater operates at either medium frequency (MF) or radio frequency (RF) ranges.Four main component systems form the basis of a modern induction heater

the control system, control panel, or ON / OFF switch; in some cases this system can be absent
the power unit (power inverter)
the work head (transformer)
and the heating coil (inductor)

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  1. I

    Help with proper grounding with oscilloscope tracings

    I am having some issues when viewing tracings of my induction heater tank. It has to do with the grounding. First, I will explain the situation; then, I will ask the question. The images show the inverter voltage in yellow which results in a current in light blue. The dark blue is the 90 deg...
  2. K

    Induction heater using Bicycle Dynamo Generator @ 24 V 60HZ Supply

    I was wondering about the possibility of Induction heater powered by Bicycle Dynamo (alternator/generator) without using any other circuit element. Which means connecting 24 V 50 to 60 HZ AC to Coil with turns around 100 in pancake shape (10 inch diameter ) and Stainless steel plate of 3 mm...
  3. G

    FUN induction heater circuit

    If you have not built an induction heater yet it is a fun project. Build the small circuit with 6 yellow capacitors first. Induction heater is a fun project. I built a small induction heater then I wanted a more powerful one. A small unit is so simple you can build it in about 2 hours work...
  4. K

    Induction Heater at 50Hz or 60Hz from Kitchen Wall Outlet.

    I'd like to make an Induction Heater design for Cooking purpose, where heat can reach up to 400-500F or so. I read in some other forums, that it's possible. So I'm trying to get more ideas and possibly learn how this can be done safely (in case I make it / if it's really safe). The Idea is use...
  5. J

    Induction Heater Design: Resources & Tips from Jeff

    Hello; I am trying to come up with an induction heater design for a machine that i am working on and am having some trouble planning it out. Anybody have some good resources? I have scoured Google and there are tons on there. I am a bit unsure how to get started. I have an induction heater...
  6. P

    Silicon not heating with induction heater?

    I’m using an inductive heater to try to melt some 99.85% polycrystalline silicon, as would occur in the Czochralski process, but the silicon workpiece is not melting let alone even getting hot. The silicon workpiece is about the size of a playing dice. It becomes conductive at 200 F and becomes...
  7. K

    Electronics Temperature Sensing to Switch on/off an Induction Heater

    Hello, I'm having trouble thinking of ways that I can measure the temperature of an object that I am heating using an Induction Heater. A little background: The coil and workpiece will be submerged in liquid, and due to most thermometers being metal it won't work with the induction heater. I'm...
  8. Shadow89

    Optimal values for power in an induction heater?

    I really want to build a simple but powerful induction heater for hobby blacksmithing. Metal shaping and the design of the cooling system within the coils are not a problem. I need help understanding the electronics Obviously I must first use a transformer as a safety against "backlash" to the...
  9. A

    Induction Heater Coil Design

    I am designing an induction heating rig to heat a strip on the surface of a steel sample with repeated quenching, through holes in the heating surface of the coil (shown in the third image). The rig should heat the sample to around 600C in 20 seconds, and quench to 30C in 20 seconds. Firstly...
  10. Robertphysics

    Induction heater question

    I know for them for some time and I understand how induction heating works in general , where you have a coil through which a high frequency AC current is fed that creates a magnetic field which changes fast according to the frequency and this excites electrons in the metal introduced and heats...
  11. G

    What sort of EM field is produced in an induction heater?

    What sort of EM field is produced in an induction heater? And how to measure it? That's it, basically. Assuming an induction heater is running on 200khz, and consuming about 3000 watts, how would I go about measuring the magnetic field produced in its coil? Now, I'm rather confused about all...
  12. J

    Induction Heater - HalfBridge Series Resonance Circuit

    Hi All, I am glad to have found this site as it offers a great range of information. I have looked through similar threads before posting this and didn’t find anything that answered my questions. I am to build an induction heater(cooker type) using a half bridge series resonance circuit as a...
  13. N

    Hi all. Induction heater question

    Hi, new to the forum. Great place but much of the info far past my interlectual understanding. :frown: I have been looking at the idea of an induction heater for use in my job. I'm a mechanic by trade, nicknamed proffessor screwtop by my workmates :) Snap recently introcuced the...
  14. D

    Building an Induction Heater for Steel & Aluminium

    Hi guys I'm looking to make an induction heater to heat bits of steel and aluminium (maybe 15mm by 25mm). Can anyone recommend a good source of information in terms of calculating the various parameters and other general information? I've looked at many websites but a lot of them seem to...
  15. D

    Efficiency of domestic induction heater

    What is the heating efficiency of a domestic induction heater as compared to a simple electrical heater and microwave oven? Please give comparison on the basis of Kilowatt hour consumed.
  16. H

    IR2110 H-Bridge Inverter for Induction Heater

    Hi, I was designing a High Power High frequency Induction Heater inverter. I've choose H-bridge configuration for the inverter and IR2110 gate drivers to drive the bridge. As the IR2110 is a half-bridge driver i'll use two of them to drive the both sides. I've done a rough circuit(just...
  17. I

    Is my Induction Heater Tutorial website up to par? Share your thoughts!

    I just finished some changes to my website http://inductionheatertutorial.com I was hoping that if anyone had some comments such as criticism, improvements, subtopics they would like to see, or if they are happy with its current form. The site goes into some theory. This is followed with...
  18. I

    10kw induction heater, levitation

    I don't know if this is the right section of the physics forum, but I thought people might be interested in viewing a 10kw induction heater. I can boil steel and copper in a few seconds; with a special coil I can levitate it in mid-air with a magnetic field. Currently , I am thinking about...
  19. I

    How can I improve my DIY induction heater?

    I stumbled upon this forum and hope to read up on many threads. I have actually put together a tutorial on a DIY induction heater. I am hoping that I can get some feedback on it, and if there any areas I can explain more or better. The link is http://www.mindchallenger.com/inductionheater"...