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Information Regarding Surface Modifiers

  1. Nov 30, 2007 #1
    Hi everyone,

    I am doing research on flows in capillary tubes with wetting discontinuities, and I am needing to find some information on coatings that can produce these wetting discontinuities. I have come across some papers that mention a 3M coating "FC-723", and I was wondering if anyone knew of details regarding this coating, or if anyone knew where I could find information on other, similar coatings. In the end, I would ideally like to have a table with several different coatings, and, for example, the contact angle of a water drop that is placed on a surface which has these coatings. Thanks in advance!

    *edit* this might be better off in the chemical engineering forum, but since i'm a ME, I figured i'd try here first. :)
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    Well, it has come to my attention that this chemical FC-723 is no longer produced, but that there is a similar chemical, EGC-1702. Anyone have any information?
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