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Installation of Electric Generator

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    i have a burning question which i need to be answered by any one competent here....
    i want to know that....
    why large Electricity generators are installed in north to south direction? i have seen many power stations & they all have generators installed in north south why are they not mounted in a direction where the exciter may point to east & turbine toward west istead of north south?
    or in other words...
    Is there any specific direction for the generators to be installed???
    why do i see all the generators installed in north south direction?
    are all the generators installed in north south direction?
    if it doesn't matter then why do i see all large electricity generators installed in N/S direction?{by large i mean more then 5 MW}
    did you visited any Electricity generation company ever?
    in which country do u live?
    if you know the answer please do post.
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    There is no requirement that I know of nor is there any technical reason I can think of as to them being installed that way. Generator sets are used on ships too and they change direction constantly.

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    If the generators are mounted east to west, then the Earth's dc magnetic field may generate voltages and currents in the armature. This would be minimized if the armature pointed to magnetic (compass) north.
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    so whom should i believe???
    answer no.1???
    or answer no. 2???
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    I've never paid attention to what direction they are installed. I don't think it's a question of who is right and who is wrong. Obviously generators are installed on ships. Obviously (if you are telling the truth) alot of generators are installed in specific direction. I can also tell you that at least some hydroelectric generators are installed vertically. I DON'T think it is magnetic though. I would be inclined to believe it is more of a gyroscopic thing with the rotation of the earth. Positioned in a certain direction there would not be the drag on the bearings while the earth rotates.
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    It might have something to do with Vaastu-Shastra or Feng- Shui! :biggrin:
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