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Installing a motion lightconfused about wiring don't wanna burn the house down

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    Heath/Zenith DualBrite Motion Sensor Light

    can't call company's tech support because they are closed and i'm going out of town in 8 hours and don't want to come back to a pile of ash where my house use to be.

    When installing the light , i'm suppose to connect single provided black to black and single provided white to white but when i took off the "old" dual light there was only red, pink, and white. Also on the old light there were 2 black wires leading from each lightbulb to.. (one to the red wire and one to the pink wire) and then white to white. Am i suppose to connect the black wire on the new light to both the red and pink (all 3 tied together under a cover)? OR am i suppose to connect the black wire to the red wire and then just cover the pink wire and leave it alone? Will it get hot and cause a fire because the power running through it has nowhere to go? Does it work that way? I already installed the light and i connected the single provided black wire from the new light to the red wire in the circuit box and the single provided white to white and left the pink alone covered with one of those screw on rubber electric covers. .. and the think works perfectly . but will that one pink wire overheat and start a fire while i'm gone?
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    Welcome to PF.

    Chances are you will find that you have a light switch that no longer does anything.
    Doing what you did is much preferable to hooking the red, pink, and black together.
    That could have caused a few blown fuses.
    A disconnected wire properly covered is not a problem.

    However, red, pink and white is an unusual configuration.
    Since you don't know why it was done that way, I would recommend that you hire an electrician to check your work.
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    The current drawn from bare wires is inversely proportional to the impedence of the consumer.
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    Black Wire to source power (house), White Wire to White Neutral all Neutrals together, and the Red Wire to the Load (lamp) or other.
    Placing a S.P. Switch in line with the source and before the detector will give you control to turn it OFF or to LOCK it on.
    DO NOT forget connect all grounds for safety.
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    You should have an electrical schematic included with your light on how to connect it. If not, hire an electrician. If it was included, scan it and post it.

    However, like NoTime mentioned, if you hook it up wrong it should just trip the breaker or perhaps blowing a fuse (assuming who ever wired your house did it correctly).

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