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Installing Windows XP on my MAC (Finally!)

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    I am looking for an up-to-date guide on installing Windows XP Professional on my Macbook Pro. I have a newer version of OSX (Leopard I think). Google is returning a lot of results, but the dates are mostly circa 2006. I was hoping someone who has done this with Leopard could point me to something more recent.

    Also,from what I gather, I need a 'full retail' version of Win XP. After some searching, I found that this 'full' version retails in a lot of places for about $250. I don't mind shelling out the money, but is this really the best price?

    Anyone have any luck finding a good price on XP pro from a 'not-shady' seller?

    Any input is appreciated!

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    The OEM version of Windows sold with a computer is very cheap. Some places let you buy the OEM version along with any hardware, eg a stick of RAM.

    You should probably be looking at Windows7 now, XP isn't really sold anymore except for old stock.
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    Yeah, I have seen the OEM versions, but have you actually installed one on a MAC? I know that you need to have Service Pack 2, and I am not sure if any of the OEM's would come with that?

    I am going with XP, because from what I hear, Boot Camp is not quite up to speed on 7 yet. Plus, I love XP and I fear change.
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    I don't have a mac, the only difference with the OEM versions is the licencing. Some of the OEM discs that come with big name computers (eg Dell) are special to just install on that hardware - but those from a store will be fine

    Most retail copies of XP will come with sp2, it was release a few years ago, or you can download it as part of the updates (assuming that bootcamp can boot without it)
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    I see. Everything I see on the web seems to be implying that Boot Camp will only install a Retail version and not OEM. But I will look into it seeing as the OEM I believe is a lot cheaper.

    It cannot boot with SP1. I have heard of something called slipstreaming (I think that's what it is called) where if you own a legal copy of XP w/SP1 you can somehow append SP2 to it.

    But I rather just spend an extra $50 bucks and be lazy:redface:

    I was just wondering what a good price on a copy of Full Windows XP Pro retail.
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    Mac OS X Boot Camp requires a full XP Pro SP2 license. As far as I know, that is the only version that works. I've blogged about my experiences with Boot Camp here: http://harborsparrow.blogspot.com/ It works but the install can be cantankerous.
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    I installed XP Pro SP2 (I already owned a copy) on my wife's PowerBook under Boot Camp. There were no tricks ... it installed just as if I was installing on a PC.

    That's the beauty of Mac: put it in and it goes!
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