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Insulation - hard to do?

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    I have an occassion to earn some money over the summer doing that building insulation or something like that, and I'm not sure whether I can handle it, meaning is it hard to do? After all, I don't know what insulation really is but from what I got by google, you just put some stuff to warm up a building. And by the way, shouldn't it be machines to do similar works?
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    that's not very fun...trust me
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    There are a lot of different kinds of insulation. 'Blown-in' foam or paper is fired out of a hose by air pressure. Polystyrene comes in sheets which you stuff in between the studs. It's nice to work with. The nasty one is fibreglass, which comes in batts. There's paper and/or foil on either side of it, but it'll still shed. No matter what you do, it'll end up getting into your clothes and skin. The effect is like nettles or poison ivy... not at all pleasant.
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    i made the mistake of grabbing a piece of fiberglass insulation once...
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    Heartless, you should take the job as a learning experience if nothing else. Find out if you enjoy manual labour outdoors. 10 or 20 years from now, when you're burning out at your desk job, you'll be glad you have the experience of physical labour to fall back on as a possible open door.
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    You should be able to handle it. I did something similar during my college years. I did iron work (i.e. steel frame construction - the fun part) and metal sheet (wall, roof - tedious part - lots of screws) of metal buildings. Most were insulated and the insulation came in huge rolls up to 40-50 ft. We dropped the insulation in between the sheets and the steel frame. It was fine - unless the wind was blowing. :rolleyes: It's not fun being hot and sweaty and wrapped up in a roll of fiberglass insulation.

    Anyway, as DaveC mentioned, consider it a learning experience while you earn some money.

    As Danger indicated, how easy it is depends on the form of the insulation.
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    Dealing with insulation:

    Don't forget your gloves,
    Don't forget your gloves,
    and remember your gloves.
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