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Integral of product of irrational powers

  1. Jun 16, 2009 #1

    I'm trying to integrate a product of irrational "polynomials" that have arisen through dimensional regularization. As a warmup, I'm trying to understand how to integrate:

    (w-a)^b (w-c)^d,

    where b and d are arbitrary numbers, possibly irrational.

    Mathematica can solve this indefinite integral, getting:

    (((a - w)/(a - c))^-b (-a + w)^b (-c + w)^(1 + d)
    Hypergeometric2F1[-b, 1 + d, 2 + d, (-c + w)/(a - c)])/(1 + d)

    Can anyone explain how the answer is obtained?

    Also, if there are any good tables (in print or online) or references on the subject of integrating
    irrational powers, I would be very interested. Thank you.
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