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Homework Help: Integrate me if you can(or like)

  1. Feb 20, 2015 #1
    • User informed about mandatory use of the homework template.
    The question is attached .


    I tried to integrate it using cos^2x=t
    But it didn't work . The numerator is killing me.
    Euler's equations are not applicable here . Therefore they dont work here . Thus how to solve it ?

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    Please do not simply state that you tried. Show us your attempt!
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    Earlier I tried this question a time or two but now it seems to me I was not doing it clearly and was repeating the same mistake again and again ...
    So I tried it again and boom!!!!
    Its done. Still, I have attached the attempt that was needed. Thank you for asking me to post the attempt.
    Though I have left the integral at a easily solvable step that I know to solve ..
    Moreover is there any easier way out of this problem ?

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