Interesting finance book review: A Call for Judgment

  1. Recently, I came across this review by Cosma Shalizi, a statistics professor at Carnegie Mellon (and who was trained as a physicist, with a PhD focusing on research in statistical mechanics and complex systems), of a book titled "A Call for Judgment" by Amar Bhide, a law professor at Tufts University.

    As someone who does not work in or specialize in finance, I'm not particularly qualified to comment on either the review or the book, but I know that there a number of quants here on this forum (I'm thinking of twofish-quant in particular), and would like to solicit opinions here on this forum.
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    This is interesting. So far, this particular post had over 200 views but not one reply. Perhaps this may be due to family activities during the holidays.
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    Re: An interesting review of a book on finance

    I'm no finance wizard, but why don't you start with telling us why you feel the review is interesting :)
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    Well, to start with, the reviewer is a physicist-turned-statistician with an interest in complex systems, and he periodically reviews books which are of professional interest to him, and I suspect also to a significant proportion of the audience for Physics Forums.

    Furthermore, the book itself involves a discussion about the theory and practice of modern finance, and given that we have a number of people who are quants (and who were once trained as physicists), I would be curious to read what their opinions are regarding either the book or the reviewer's assessment of the book or its subject matter.
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