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Interesting high-IQ website

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    If you are in need for some humiliation, try some of the IQ test questions here: http://www.triplenine.org/.

    Hit "Links" at the top of the home page, then link to "Links to high-IQ related websites", then link to "Uncommonly difficult IQ tests". Or just prowl around the website -- lots of interesting stuff here.
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    I used to be interested in this sort of thing ages ago. Took the Mega Test when it was still valid, qualified to join societies (like Triple Nine - TNS) at the 1/1000 level. But never actually ended up joining any of the societies, simply because I didn't see the point of springing for the membership.

    I was quite active on some of the online fora, though. At that time, the one and only Christopher Michael Langan was also active in these communities, although I have no idea how he busies himself these days.

    You must remember that these untimed tests are not really valid IQ tests. Proper psychometric testing should be carried out by a qualified psychologist in a controlled setting. At any rate, I've left the "IQ" childishness far behind me. Too old, too dumb and too lazy these days. :biggrin:
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    I've had probably about half a dozen more beers than would be conducive to attempting a test right now. The last one that I took was for the Four Sigma Society about 35 years ago. That was before I was diagnosed for either the ADD or the diabetes, so I like to think that my intellect has improved somewhat since then. I didn't qualify for the club, but I did earn the right to laugh at people who brag about being in Mensa.
    As Evo has mentioned repeatedly in the past, though, the only thing that an IQ test measures is your talent for taking IQ tests.
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