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Interference Patten in standing waves

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    Please Help! Whenever i read standing waves, the interference patten can be seen as attached pictures. I want to know how this pictures can be taken?
    How lights can be interfered?

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    Those look to me to be simply a string that is driven by a motor at one end and attached to a fix point at the other.
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    To answer your first question about how to take the pictures of an interference pattern, take your camera and if it's set from a low to moderate shutter speed it'll work.
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    This appears to me to be the result of the strobing of the led flash on rope/string and not interference patterns. Try using external light source w/minimal flicker, e.g. a halogen spot, and leave the shutter open longer. That should allow the light to smear all under the curve of the wave (assuming you are demonstrating the using the aforementioned setup as it appears.) Good luck!
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