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International Student for Medical Schools

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    hi, i'm from the island of mauritius, and i'm finishing high school this year, and should start planning for uni asap. i wish to do medicine, but not here, because we don't have all te facilities.

    i am doing the cambridge, higher school certificate exams, with Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics as main subjects, and Biology and General Paper as Subsidiary subjects.

    and also, i ain't got a fortune to pay for my studies, so i'm relying on scholarships.

    i just wish to know the detailed steps i should take to get into any good uni in the US, europe or australia, where scholarships are available. and i think that in some countries. like the US, medical education is very different. and i'm also doing SAT and TOEFL. which other international exam i should take?

    thanks a lot, i really need these informations.

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    Note that students in Australia and Europe apply to medical school as they are finishing high school while students in the US and Canada apply to medical school during/after undergrad.

    The best place to look for scholarships for undergraduate study is in your home country. Most countries don't give undergraduate scholarships to foreign students... (unless you want to study in the US and you can throw a ball really hard or run really fast).
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    ok, say i want to go to the US, where should i start??? any help please???

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