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Internet Neutrality Threatened

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    "Internet Neutrality" Threatened


    This sounds bad. Another article I read said it would mean slower internet at higher prices. We may all have been enjoying a kind of golden age of internet that will soon end.

    Net Neutrality:
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    This is such nonsense. (not you zoob, the net neutrality nonsense) The internet is not a "thing". It is thousands of individual owners and governments that just have agreements to hand off traffic to each other. This is misinformation run amok, spread through fear and lack of understanding. No one owns or rules the internet.

    Net neutrality is trying to tell ISPs and IXCs that they can't sell QOS to companies to provide better service on their websites, that's ridiculous. It would be like telling Greg that he can't buy more bandwidth if the site gets too slow.

    I used to work for the largest IXC and part of what I did was advise companies on QOS. Customers were the ones that requested QOS.
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    That's ironic, if you compare internet speeds and costs in the USA with the rest of the world. You are already near the bottom of the comparison charts.
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    Interesting insight from your link:

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