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Internet prblems

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    I'm having a problem with my LAN. For some reason whenever I try to open a webpage (in IE or firefox) I get the error "can't find server". But when I try in Linux (fedora) it works fine. So it must be some problem with windows. What problem would give me that error? Was a setting in the firewall changed? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
    Oh, and i tried pinging my ip address and it timed out.
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    We usually get problems the other way round (no internet in linux, but works in windows).
    Has the internet worked before in windows?
    Can you ping your router?
    Post the output of ipconfig /all
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    I am having a similar problem, but instead of different OSs, there is in different applications: p2p, torrents vs firefox (Windows XP). While allready working in Firefox and downloading at the same time, the same message popups when I hit a webpage - just out of nowhere! I am still working on that. Usually when I plug-out and plug-in the router the problem the problem's solved. However it can't be a router problem, because the p2p and torrent apps are working just fine when the Can't find server message appears into Firefox. Same on IE7.
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    router gave out IP#s to the PC internet before it can work on windows. you made need to set up the Network Connections in windows by Create a new connection in the Network
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