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Internships vs. Graduate School

  1. Dec 29, 2014 #1
    So I am currently an undergrad student working on a BS of EE. I ultimately want to get a masters degree in biomedical engineering from a certain school. I currently lack work experience in engineering. I would like to find a job dealing with electrical equipment in a hospital or some medical setting. I can't find such an internship, so do I get an internship in like...communication EE even though it has nothing to do with what I want just so I can have experience in the EE field?

    Second question is should I go to grad school right after undergrad or work as an EE for a few years before going to grad school for biomed?
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    I Don't think you need an internship to get into a masters program. Is your ultimate goal industry or academia?
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    Frankly, I would avoid an internship if possible. I find them abusive. There does not seem to be any requirement that the "employer" actually provide you with any particular benefit. It seems like they can make you "get coffee" for however long you are there, then kick you out. You could spend the entire time doing "joe jobs" for nothing, wind up learning nothing, and come out no better than when you entered. Except you will be older and maybe more in debt.

    I would either get a real job, or go straight to the masters. Most universities are not particularly keen to see you have work experience to get into a masters degree. They want your undergrad marks, probably a good letter of recommendation from a prof. If you are keen on the masters then the only reason to put in any work time would be to save money to pay for your time in university. If your finances allow, go straight to the masters. The younger you are when you finish the better.

    I would look more closely at whether your current classes are what the university of your choice wants for entry to the program you want. Google it, look at the web site of your intended university program, maybe email a few people at that school. If that all lines up, then go for it without the internship.
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